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High Rise Movers

Looking for an experienced company to move your upper floor home or office in Marin County, CA? Johnson & Daly Moving & Storage has been professionally moving for over 38 years. Call us today!

High Rise Movers

Johnson & Daly Moving and Storage performs several upper floor high rise moves every year, in both San Francisco and Marin County. We have very speciailized equipment that is used to move your belongings safely and carefully up several floors with ease. Not every moving company does high rise moves, and some that advertise them don't do them often enough to have extensive experience with them, and you can be sure that Johnson & Daly not only does upper floor moves into apartments and condos, but indeed specializes in them.


What You Need to Know About Moving a Piano

The most important thing Johnson & Daly wants you to know is that we understand that pianos are expensive, delicate, and can have unmeasurable sentimental value. We treat each piano move with the utmost care and respect, to ensure that the piano and your property remain fully protected at all times.

It is also important that you clear a path before we arrive. Whether we are moving a piano into it's new home, or moving it in or out as part of a local or long distance move, having a clear path through rooms and hallways for our specialized piano board and 4-wheel dollys will help your piano move proceed more quickly and efficiently.


Questions About Moving Your Piano?

If you have a special situation, are unsure of the best way to move your piano, or have any other questions about moving a piano, please contact Johnson & Daly for assistance. With almost four decades of professional moving experience, we can handle your unique piano move.

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