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Household Goods Storage Service

Looking for a secure storage warehouse for your household goods in Marin County, CA? Johnson & Daly Moving & Storage can pack and store your belonging for weeks or years. Call us today!


Store Your Household Goods in our 150,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse

Johnson & Daly household goods storage

Our warehouse features night-vision surveillance,  industrial earthquake retrofitting, and full coverage alarms monitored 24/7 by Bay Alarm.


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Home Pick Up

We offer full service storage options and will pick up any storage directly from your residence. Every item is inventoried and each customer will be provided a copy of their inventory list to ensure each and every piece is delivered in the same condition as we received it. Because our storage is handled on-site rather than with a 3rd party we are able to wrap every piece completely in high-quality moving blankets rather than paper pads which are used by many of our competitors. We also have self storage options. 

Johnson & Daly accessible household goods storage


Sometimes while your possessions are in long term storage there arises a need to access certain items. We offer a special access program in which our movers will open your storage vaults and assist you in finding whatever you need. 

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Home Delivery 

Just as easy as it was to have your belongings were removed, they will be delivered in the same manner. Our rigorous inventory and specialty access program ensures no articles are misplaced along the way and all household goods will be reviewed at both pick up and delivery to ensure all items are accounted for and in the same condition as when we recieved it. 

Johnson & Daly storage in transit

Storage In Transit 

Sometimes relocating can be complicated. The process of buying a new home and selling the old one is never easy and at times there may not be a good location for your belongings. That's why we offer in transit storage. Whether your moving across the country or within California, we're happy to store your belogings while you settle in and when your ready to recieve you goods just give us a call!


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