Store Your Winter Belongings

Some of the bulkiest items that take up garage space in a home are winter belongings and gear. Johnson & Daly has storage space for all of your winter items when you don't need them around. Items like ski and snowboard gear, snowblowers, and snowmobiles are easily accommodated.

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Holiday Decorations

Its no longer a box of lights and a couple more boxes of ornaments! These days, outdoor holiday decorations are big and bulky. Artificial trees sit in large boxes 11 months a year. And some families just have a lot of decorations, period. We're happy to store items like this to keep them dry and out of your garage all year long.

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Summer Fun & Outdoor Gear

During the colder months, keep your garage clear, and your warm-weather possessions dry and safe with Johnson & Daly's seasonal storage solutions. We can store your patio furniture, large barbeque, pool toys, portable basketball hoop, Jet Skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and other large items.

Consider Johnson & Daly Your Extended Attic

We can also store non-seasonal large items that you just need out of the house. In-home gym equipment, floor rug storage, or the overstuffed furniture you just inherited. We can also provide dorm-room storage during summer break.

Short Term Storage

For those of you in between living accommodations, or in need of a short term storage solution for any reason, Johnson & Daly can help! Not sure if your needs fit our services? Just contact us and ask!