Furnitureand Box Storage

For Johnson & Daly, moving is only half of the professional service we provide to our customers. We store all manner of household goods in our 150,000 square foot Bay Area storage facility. We’re specialists in safely packing, handling, and storing your furniture, boxes, seasonal property, vehicles, and other possessions.

Furniture and Box Storage

The most basic storage need for our customers is furniture and boxes. If you are in the process of moving, and have bought or sold a house before you, the buyers, or sellers are ready to move, your home may need to be backed and stored. We specialize in taking care of your possessions and furniture, and can safely pack it for storage in our facility. Whether your timeline is a few days, months, or years, we’re here to help store your furniture and boxes.

Even if you are not moving, and want to store furniture or other possessions away from your property, call Johnson & Daly for an estimate today!

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What About Seasonal Storage?

In winter, Johnson & Daly can store your lawn furniture, oversized children’s plastic toys, or portable basketball hoop. In summer, we have storage available for your snow blower, ski and snowboard gear, or other winter toys.

Consider Johnson & Daly for your extra attic storage for your holiday decorations, in-home gym equipment, floor rug storage or the overstuffed furniture you just inherited. We can also provide dorm-room storage during summer break.

How Do I Access My Stuff?

Sometimes while your possessions are in long term storage, a need arises to access certain items. We offer a special access program in which our movers will open your storage vaults and assist you in finding whatever you need.

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Do I have to Pack My Belongings for Storage? What About Pick-Up and Delivery?

Johnson & Daly offers full packing services, as well as boxes and packing materials for sale. Once your belongings are securely packed for storage, we’ll handle the loading and transport to our safe and secure storage facility.

Just as easily as we were able to remove your belongings, they can be delivered. Our rigorous inventory and specialty access program ensures that no articles are misplaced, and that all of your valuable household goods are accounted for, and in the same condition as when we stored them.